March 7, 2016, will commemorate the two year passing of Tyler Hadley, John Mangen, Payton Adams, and Caleb Quesenberry, a tragedy that shook our communities and brought us to our knees.  On March 7, 2014, on the one year anniversary of the boys accident, our communities decided to STAND "Together in Faith" and thank God for all of his many blessing rather then focus on what was taken.  Over 1000 people came together to worship.  If you have any time at all, please listen to these amazing videos from our inspirational speakers and local talent. 

Welcome by Deb, Prayer by Kris, St. Raphael's Choir

I start out this video with a welcome and then my friend Kris Anderson says a prayer for the audience.  Kris was very instrumental in my healing as she came to my home and prayed with me.  It was deep and invigorating and it was at this time I realized I needed to find the Lord.  St. Raphael's Youth Choir, and their director Lori Kretch, along with Nick Dauer come next.  They will sing How Great is Our God and Worthy is the Lamb.  These are two of my favorites!  I was praying for a group to come and help us at the event, and Lori was thinking the same thing.  It is amazing how God works his magic in our lives when we least expect it!!  Caleb Quesenberry passed in the accident and he went to Springfield school and St. Raphael's is representing Springfield.

How Great is Our God - Chris Tomlin
Worthy is the Lamb - Lori Kretsch - Soloist

Guest Speaker - Mitchell Laffen

Mitch Laffen was one of Tyler's very best friends.  He wrote and read his euology at his funeral, and he once again came through to share his faith with others at our Together in Faith Event.  Tyler and Mitch are alike in MANY ways including their looks.  When our grandson, Conner, saw this video he thought it was Ty.  Thank you Mitch Laffen!!!

St. Mary's Schola Choir

I was in church on Sunday morning and the song "Only in God" was sung by this choir.  It caught me off guard because this was the song we had sung at Tyler's funeral and it is absolutely one of my favorites.  When I posted what happened in church, my relgion assistant, Emily Reinarts, told me their choir sang it and they hadn't planned on it, but it just happened.  To me it was another nod from God, and so this choir was invited as well.  You will also notice they sing the song "Blessings" by Laura Story, which is a song we had for Kaylie's funeral as well.  Payton Adams is from St. Mary's  so this group represents him. 

Blessings - By Laura Story
Only in God - Michael Talbot

Guest Speaker - Anna Surprenant

One day as I was at my computer I received a private message on Facebook from Anna.  She asked if I needed any  help with the Together in Faith event.  I thought for a while, and since we had this intense coversation about our faith during the summer, I thought perhaps she would want to share her faith journey with others.  During her talk she explains how God spoke to her one day.  In this story she reveals for the first time that she was told to give me flowers.  As I sat in the balcony, my mouth dropped.  I had no idea the myseterious flowers and the beautiful card that showed up on my doorstep the summer before came from Anna, and here she was confessing it to everyone!  After the event I searched for found her standing by her sister Amy.  I thanked her for the flowers.  I explained how it was such a God thing that I asked her to speak today, and it would've never happened had she not private messaged me, and had we not talked last summer about our faith.  It was at that moment  her sister Amy said to me, "Deb, that was me you spoke to in the summer, not Anna!"  Isn't that amazing?  Anna and I had no connection....yet she asked if she could help, I asked if she could speak, and she is the mysterious messenger that listened to God and sent me flowers......another example how God brings the right people into your life at just the perfect time!!  Thank you Anna!

Soloist - Trinity Lutheran Choir - Molly Dunn

To Where Your Are - By Josh Groban

Guest Speaker - Brandon Roiger

Brandon and I grew a connection after Kaylie passed.  He would constantly message me saying that Kaylie, and the purple petunias would someday evolved into something amazing.  After Tyler and the boys passed Brandon again reached out to us, and at the first Kaylie and Tyler's 5K Brandon helped us from sun up to sundown.  Since then he has helped us out in so many ways.  This video is about Brandon's faith journey.  It is not a story of what religion is better than another, but a story telling us that God is everywhere and if you don't feel like you fit where you are, then keep searching until you find a fit because when you do it will be more than you ever imagined!  I am glad Brandon found his faith and a fit perfect for him!

St. Raphael's Youth Choir

You're Not Alone - Owl City

Guest Speaker - Jessica Malone

Jessica is Tyler and Kaylie's sister, and the mother of our sweet grandboys; Connor, Grant and Riley.  When I asked her to speak she already had it heavy on her heart that she was supposed to speak.  Even though she is my step daughter, I am so proud to call her my daugher!  Thank you Jess!

Trinity Lutheran - Spirit Quartet

Lauren Laffen, Molly Dunn, Hannah Johnson and Kaylee Hillmer - Accompanied by Mary Mulry
"Go Light Your World"

Nick DeMaris - Jesus Calling

Nick was a classmate and friend of Payton's, and a good friend of Tyler's Mom, Deb. He also played open gym with Tyler and John and knew the boys pretty well. 

Trinity Lutheran Choir

when searching for people to sing Mary Mulry came to mind.  She was Tyler and John's choir teacher, Tyler and her grandson, Brendan, played ball together, and her grandson, Quinn, was good friends with Caleb.  Some how we wanted Trinity Luthernan to be part of it because we had St. Mary's (Tyler and Kaylie's church, Payton's school), St. Raphael's (Caleb went to school in Springfield), and Trinity (John went to Trinity), and lo and behold Mary Mulry was the choir director!  Another nod from God!!!

Show Me the Way - Peter Frampton

Trinity Lutheran Choir

Spirit in the Sky - Sung at John's Funeral

Closing Song - Amazing Grace

HClsoing Remarks - Carter Krumbach & Debading 1

Carter is a good friend of the Hadley family, and Eli, his son, was Tyler's college Roommate.